Metal Buying

ISM buy your scrap unwanted metals

ISM has a 12 meter electronic weigh bridge that is calibrated every year. This weigh bridge has also been accredited by the Department of Transport as a public weigh bridge for ordinary vehicles.

Our yards have weighbridge for C.O.R. weighing for verifying your vehicle weight with the licencing department. Please remember to provide the driver with the following details: chassis number, engine number, make of the vehicle, a description of the vehicle and name of the company or person the vehicle is registered in. Public weighing is also offered  to check the weight of the load your vehicle is carrying helping you ensure your vehicle is not overloaded or to verify the weight your vehicle is delivering / picking. All we need is your vehicle registration number and name the vehicle is registered in.

There are also plenty of conveniently located platform scales to off load your scrap on.