Skip Services

Drop & Collect to Industrial Premises.

Skip Services

ISM has in excess of 100 skips in service for collection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap.

Skips are placed free of charge.

We have a number of skip sizes for you to load your scrap into. If you are a small machine shop we have small skips/bins of 2 to 4 cubic metres size. That is dropped and picked up by small manoeuvrable trucks to get in those hard to get to places. For larger business we have skip sizes up to 11 cubic metres. If you have machines that are too big to transport, we have a team of experienced cutters and crane truck drivers ready to come and assist you cut and remove it for you, hassle free. If it is bulky scrap a crane truck can come load off the floor. Whether it is steel, aluminium or stainless give us a call.

When a bin is collected, on arrival at our yard the contents of it is weighed and logged at our weigh bridge.