ISM Metals



ISM buy all scrap metal after which it gets sorted and any reusable materials are put into our resale yard for sale. Availability of resale material is subject to what can be recovered, and is priced per kg on a market related basis. The balance of the scrap purchased is then recycled.

Office hours Mon-Thurs 07H00 to 16H30, Friday 07H00 to 1600 & Saturday 07H00 to 12H00.

Industrial Scrap Metals

Ferrous & Non Ferrous, Resale, Recycling & Bin Services

  • We buy old and unwanted scrap metal which is then recycled to make new products
  • Members of the public and commercial clients are both welcome.
  • Not sure what to recycle? Please refer to our Metals page.



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Industrial Scrap Metal is committed to providing an honest, reliable and friendly service to the Pinetown, and   surrounding Durban area. We have 40 years’ experience in the scrap metal industry. Staff and owners are always willing to provide advice to commercial / Industrial and private customers.

 We collect common usable items from the scrap that is brought into the yard, pipes, square tubing, round bar, channel, I-Beams, angle iron, metal sheets etc. We also actively look to purchase such items from industry so please call us if you need any further information on what we buy. The usable steel is sold at a discount to new steel. You win when you need a piece of steel but do not need to buy a full length, and again when disposing of it by getting a better price for your ‘scrap’ usable steel when clearing your yard.

Industrial Scrap Metal supports our community

July 2021 saw looting and unrest in our area of Westmead, KwaZulu-Natal. Industrial Scrap Metal deployed it’s vehicles to assist in the clean up and removal of waste. Once the waste was safely in our truck it was correctly disposed of. It was a pleasure to serve the community.

The Metal Recyclers Association commits it’s members to the highest degree of business ethics. The MRA members collect and process more than 80% of all scrap metal in South Africa for the benefit of downstream industry,


Recycling scrap protects the environment by:
– Reducing the use of raw material
– Reducing the impact of landfill on the environment
– Reduced air pollution
– Reduction in energy as less energy is required to use recovered material to produce steel.
– The reduction of litter.